Fleisch&Waffeln - Meat

Artist : Fleisch&Waffeln
Album : Meat (EP)
Format : CD
Genre : Old-School EBM (Anhalt)
Year : 2009
Label : None
Country : Denmark
Bitrate : 320

This is something rather different to previous entries, and a bizarre debut EP from a collective that literally loves to sing about Meat, in case this wasn't clear by the band and release name.

This is a rare first demo by F&W, which isn't even acknowledged on their official Bandcamp. The full track listing on Discogs shows 4 additional interlude tracks, but they seem to be woven into the Six on here. This is an odd release, I can't mince my words (Pun intended). I'm pretty sure it's not entirely serious either, but for fans of EBM, It has danceable hooks to it and isn't entirely terrible.
The vocals are rather interesting. Imagine Rummelsnuff shouting "Dance" over a caustic hook dedicated to Grilled animal products. Yep. Download after the jump, If you really want to. I'm off to Fry a kilotonne of Bacon.


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