Vampiric Dominium - Rehearsal Demo MCMXCVI

Artist : Vampiric Dominium
Album : Rehearsal Demo MCMXCVI
Format : Tape
Genre : Black Metal
Year : 1996
Label : None
Country : Puerto Rico
Bitrate : 224
Well, this one appeared on a few requests and wishlists lately, so happy to oblige.  This rip is taken from the 1996 original, not the aborted re-release a few years ago.

For a group of the time, and obscure location (comparatively, at least, to it's Mainland and European ilk), this demo is a charming little number. It's produced a lot better than the zeitgeist of second-wave bm, and the recordings each sound unique and inspired.


- Orwellian

Download after the break.

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